International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies

Table of Contents

Is rural non-farm growth, factor dependent? a case study of a village in india

Renbeni Kikon
Paper Ref: P6.PP54-63

Children’s rights in global governance: critique of the convention on the rights of the child

David S. Chibanda
Paper Ref: P5.PP43-53

Why indonesian government has not ratified fctc policies: internal dynamics and outside pressure

Deka Komanda Yogyantara, Edwina Rosanti Badudu, Khodijah, Margareta Ambarwati Mutis and Reza Amiri Praramadhan
Paper Ref: P4.PP33-42

Violent video games: virtual vice or aspiring fortitude?

H.D. Komal Boodhun and Miss Quraisha Joomratty
Paper Ref: P3.PP24-32

Emotional intelligence as predictor of academic achievement among gifted and talented learners in malaysia

Rorlinda Yusof, Noriah Mohd Ishak, Afifah Mohamad Radzi and Endang Pertiwi Saidy
Paper Ref: P2.PP15-23

Inter-jurisdictional governance coordination, community support and compliance with the ilo 169 convention on indigenous rights: findings of a cross-sectional study of the indigenous people of the kalash valley in pakistan

Syed Toqueer Akhter and Mahina Ghalib
Paper Ref: P1.PP4-14
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