International Journal of Economics, Finance and Business Management Studies

Table of Contents

Personality as a predictor of knowledge-hiding behaviour: case study of alpha electronics

Sadeeqa R. Khan and Muhammad Usman
Paper Ref: P6.PP65-74-Vol4(2)

Service development models: a literature review

Muhammad Ahmad Tauqeer and Knut Erik Bang
Paper Ref: P5.PP52-64-Vol4(2)

An examination of the relationship between perceived body image and purchase behaviour of dietry supplements among adolescent saudi girls

Eid Alotaibi and Hebah Jamal
Paper Ref: P2.PP17-27-Vol4(2)

Achieving business and its alignment in the digital service redesign: a study of the uk e-government

Lamya Alnassar
Paper Ref: P3.PP28-38-Vol4(2)

In a search for the influential factors of investors’ behaviour

Mohammad Sami and Mohammad Ali
Paper Ref: P2.PP17-27-Vol4(2)
Consequences of monetary policy for credit risk in the usa
Mária Bohdalová and Martin Pažický
Paper Ref: P4.PP39-51-Vol4(2)
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